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Road, Traffic & Advertising Signs

Production and installation of road, traffic signs, directional and advertising signs, and carrier systems and attachment fittings

Street Signalization

Production, sale and installation of standard signs and posts with individual sizes for permanent and temporary traffic  signalization; accessories for street signalization in urban...

Emergency and Work Safety Signs

Production and sale of signs and signposts for visual communication in fire and emergency  and work safety and safety equipment and supplies.

Traffic Lights

Construction and installation of traffic lights

Road Marking

Laying of various horizontal road marking: acrylic, water spray cold plastic, cold plastic, thermoplastic

Park Facilities

Production and installation of park facilities and equipment


Daily Consult offers the following product categories

about-us-daily-consultOur company Daily Consult Bg is operating in Varna since 2012.
Our main activity and the services we provide are focused on selling products for road marking and means for temporary organization of road traffic, installation of traffic signs, metal railings, speed bumps, parking markings.
We are distinguished by our customer-oriented approach. Our staff has excellent knowledge of the products and can offer the most appropriate solution to suit your needs.

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